Organic Inspector Trainings for Animal Welfare - AWARE

An Erasmus+ Project

Background of the AWARE project

Organic management aims to deliver excellent animal welfare and independent annual inspection and certification aims to confirm this and provide a guarantee that animals have a ‘good life’ that meets the high expectations of consumers who buy organic animal products. Any failure to deliver on this aspect risks undermining the reputation of organic inspection and certification through the EU. The project addresses that the legally defined standards for delivering welfare are resourced based e.g. space per animal in housing, type of housing, type of feed. Experience and recent scientific knowledge indicates that this approach alone is now insufficient. A new scientifically informed evaluation of the animals to determine their 'welfare outcomes' is more meaningful in underpinning the inspection process and aiding communication of any deficiencies to farmers in a way that they can understand and act upon. » read more...


The project aims to develop basic and transversal skills of specialized organic inspectors relating to animal welfare, in particular for animal-related parameters, using innovative, blended learning training methodology. » read more...

Project Partners

Three inspection bodies from different EU member states, one educational institution and one organic farmers' association put together their experiences and implement the project. » read more...

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